Vote Coss - Just The Facts

Pro Taxpayer

My Opponent has voted to give himself exclusive health insurance benefits $$$ , add Pet Projects $$$ , raise mileages $$$ , all in the interest of spending more, and taxing later.

Pro Law Enforcement

While the Sheriff's department avoided multiple audits and spent monies irresponsibly, my opponent didn't follow the advice of outside experts and allowed money to be wasted. He doesn't push back when the Defund our Police movement wants to take over. Where is he when the Police need our support?

Pro Freedom

My Opponent voted to make Kalamazoo County a Sanctuary County - jeopardizing Federal tax dollars and putting County Citizens at the bottom of the priority list. We Can Do Better!

Pro Civility (No F*Bombs)

My Opponent doesn't think twice about Swearing during a public meeting, what about the younger audience members. If you can't believe this could happen - see the video below for yourself.

Thank You and I ask for your consideration and vote on or before November 3rd.

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