Vote Coss for Kalamazoo County Commissioner Dist. 10

Charley Coss

Candidate for Kalamazoo County Commission - District 10

I Stand with Law Enforcement.

Pro Business - Let's Get Back To Work

Protect Our Seniors - Its Our Duty!

Fighting For Our Veterans



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Phone : (269)290-1237

Address : 1151 W. Milham Ave., Portage, Michigan 49024

Coss For County Commision  - DISTRICT 10

Law & Order

Law & Order is paramount for all our communities. Our first responsibility is to our citizens and their property. I will support our Law Enforcement Community with better training and resources, I will have their back. We need to Stand with our Police and Fire Fighters now more than ever.  I will always put Law Enforcement & the Safety of our Residents First.

 Pro Business - Let's Get Back To Work

Kalamazoo is blessed to have many great businesses - from small to global leaders. I look forward to a decade of growth and want to work with our great businesses by modernizing our County regulations, processes, and create a stable modern county government. We can partner with new and existing businesses to grow jobs and raise everyone’s standard of living.

Protect Our Seniors - Its Our Duty

We need to do the most to protect our Senior population during these challenging times. Further, we need to look beyond the current crisis and help foster a more friendly tax environment for those who want to live their golden year without fear of being taxed out of their homes. We need to revamp the way we handle services for our most vulnerable population. Its our Duty!

Fighting For Our Veterans

We can do better for our Veterans in the county. We need to look at better ways to communicate and facilitate through our veterans liaison services, as well as make our IT systems (website, etc...) work for our citizens. Money is not the only way to improve services, sometimes rethinking our methods and practices is more effective.

Transparency & New Leadership 

Our Current County Commission is dysfunctional, mismanaging money, and not addressing core problems, they have lost their way. We need to know how our dollars are being spent, what the rules are for conducting business, we need to get back to following the rules and bring about FULL transparency of all aspects of operation. We need to manage our resources and not go to the voters again and again for more tax increases. We have an opportunity to change our leadership and bring in a new era of Full Transparency, let’s vote in a new team on November 3rd.